Light Up Hospice: It takes a volunteers to create a spectacular event!

Our Light Up Hospice event has caught Port Alberni’s attention!

We’ve had teachers with classrooms of students visit us and huge numbers of neighbours and passers-by in vehicles stop by to tell us how much they love our festive display. The community is showing us your appreciation for all the work that went into creating Light up and we are delighted to report that donations to support our event are coming in!

We’re happy that so many people love what we have created. All of what you see can be attributed to the many hours that our dedicated hospice volunteers put into this project.

Our thanks go to every volunteer who helped us by offering creative advice, picked up and shuttled materials, painted and constructed props, formed wire globes, planted trees and the huge teams of volunteers that installed every light and high wire prop that adorns our community building.

Thank you to: Aaron Thom, Geo Monrufet, Robyn Monrufet, Craig Hebert, Deb Pearson, Gwen Hayhurst, Karen Steinicke, Lesley Anderson, Don Anderson, Greg Falls, Sarah Falls, Gail Sander, Bunny Johnston, Maureen MacKenzie, Rob Roberto Cesari, Martin Van humbeck, Janis Almond, Rocky LaPlante, Teresa Kingston, and Gerri Sing!

The Coulson Group and The San Group present Light Up Hospice

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