Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Morrison

Please welcome Kathy Morrison.

When Kathy first inquired with the Hospice Services Coordinator about volunteering for AVHS, she felt a sense of deep commitment, compassion, and warmth. 

Kathy is an outgoing person and loves biking, pickleball, hiking and foraging for ingredients to make plant medicine.

Since joining AV Hospice Society, Kathy has volunteered as a phone volunteer as she winters away from the valley. She loves that she can continue this work away from home.  

She also looks forward to exploring other areas to contribute, such as respite care and the Gala Committee.

Kathy has vast experience in volunteering with other Hospices for over forty years at the many different locations where her life path has taken her. For Kathy, it is a privilege to be able to support families through this significant transition. For her, it is rewarding and fulfilling work, and there is always a need.

All of the work that AVHS does is beneficial and important, with all the varying programs working together to provide a full complement of services that anyone may need. Sitting vigil with someone alone, is one super important area.

When Kathy's client recently told her about a problematic situation, she thought of what she might say to them about it, which was "be kind to yourself." The client was then able to work out the problem with a little less stress, and that made her feel good. 

Kathy needs to give back to the community where she lives, and volunteering with AVHS has been a wonderful way to contribute.

Kathy understands that there are many ways of leaving this world and that there are many good people who give of themselves to make this a more compassionate process.

If she could encourage someone to volunteer, she would say that AVHS is a beautiful, supportive community of people. They can learn a great deal about death and dying and about themselves. There is a misconception that being a hospice volunteer is all doom and gloom, and this could not be further from the truth. It is an uplifting and enlightening role with many tender moments.

Thank you, Kathy, for your warmth and compassion. Your insights and commitment are a beautiful trait, and we are very grateful for all you do.

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