Light Up Hospice: It Takes a Creative Mind

The decision to move ahead and produce our first Light Up Hospice event was a huge project for our society to take on - there were just so many factors to consider.

First and foremost, we wanted to create something that would be meaningful to everyone in the community. With COVID-19 negatively affecting so many aspects of our lives, we had to conceptualize an event that allowed everyone to participate while remaining safe within their personal bubbles. The event had to be joyous for those who love the holiday season, our display had to be engaging for both adults and children, and we wanted to find a way for those who use our hospice services and programs to find a way to keep their loved ones whom they have lost close to their hearts during the holiday season.

We spoke to a cross section of people about our event and all agreed that a Light Up display would be a brilliant way to lift the spirits for everyone living in the Alberni Valley – Now all we needed to do was produce something special.

Enter Craig Hebert, one of our newest volunteers at Alberni Valley Hospice. Craig has a creative and adventurous spirit and, his artistic genius is exactly what we needed to put our Light Up display together.

Craig was born, raised and educated in the Alberni Valley. After graduating from ADSS he decided to relocate to Vancouver and established what would become a 40-year career in visual display and interior design.

In addition to volunteering a tremendous number of hours to our Light Up project, Craig brought his untapped enthusiasm and creative talents to help us create a magical, colourful, innovative holiday design for everyone to enjoy.

We know you’ll enjoy the fresh modern take on our seasonal display and hope that you will support hospice by sponsoring one of the fabulous props that make up our exhibit. Click here for details on how to donate.

To find out more about Craig’s creative services visit: or call 778-919-1211.


The Coulson Group and The San Group present Light Up Hospice


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