New Floors in the Ty Watson House Kitchen

Our Ty Watson House Kitchen floors got a much needed update this month!
A huge thank you to the Alberni Valley Community Foundation, who provided a grant to cover the cost of this wonderful project!
In just two days, the kitchen was made ready (including removing heavy appliances), the old floors were removed, the new floors were installed, and the whole kitchen was put back together again.
Thank you to Colton (left) and Todd Johnson (right) for doing such a great job on our new kitchen floor at Ty Watson House! 
We wanted to thank our many other helpers, who helped to move furniture and appliances, or who were downstairs in our “temporary kitchen” where they created meals, or greeted visitors at the front entry to Ty Watson House. 
They all did a great job and everything went smoothly!
Special thanks to:
Gail Koehle
Deb Hesse
Deb’s sons – Andrew and Joshua
Dave Edwards
Carol Devries
Lynne Holder
Linda Cannon
Lynn Charlton
Sandie Hales
Anthony Kimber
Les Strachan
And an extra thanks to Bill at L.B. Woodchoppers for the loan of their appliance dolly! 
It made everything so much easier.
Plus look at the colorful floors we found hiding underneath it all! 
Our flooring workers guessed it might be from the 1950’s:

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