Father's Day Resources for the Grieving

Grief can be especially difficult during special days throughout the year, such as Father's Day.

We've collected some resources that may be of interest for those grieving their fathers or spouses on this holiday.

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Surviving Father’s Day Grief: When sadness meets storytelling

"Father’s Day has always felt a bit different to me than Mother’s Day. Perhaps because of gender stereotypes or how the people at Hallmark decided to spin it. Somehow it seems mostly about tools and gadgets and dads getting permission to drink beer and watch sports without apology.

Comparing Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards this year, I noticed how little emphasis there is on the uniqueness of fatherhood or the relationship between a father and child (a lot more good jokes though!). Father’s Day is, at its core, unquestionably about love. It is just a bit more . . . hidden. You know, like when two brothers give each other that one-armed, pound on the back, hug. You know there is love hiding in there, it just isn’t quite so obvious."


Supporting a Grieving Child: Staying connected with the person who died

"It’s a common misconception that when someone dies the goal is to “get over them” and “return to normal.” Our relationship with someone significant doesn’t end with their death. In fact, moving through grief involves finding new ways to continue that relationship, even though the person is no longer physically present. "


5 Things Not to Say to My Grieving Children on Father's Day

"The people who care for us also have some level of difficulty. They don't want to ignore the elephant in the room, so to speak, but they often don't know what to say to the kids. I understand—I don't always know how to help them, either. But over the years I have learned some conversation starters that work and others that aren't as useful. Here are five phrases best avoided, as well as alternative approaches that would be more appreciated."


Father’s Day Sulking Without Apology

"The typical ‘coping with special days and holidays’ list of advice just doesn’t feel right this year. Though ideas like yoga, meditation, journaling, and hiking are appealing, they just aren’t what I am up for.

So instead I am making a plan to embrace a day of sulking. Yup. You heard me: a day of sulking."

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